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Movies I've watched

Date Title Rating Comment
04/16/04 Kill Bill Vol. 2 8 Less action, more story with this one.
03/25/04 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 9 Another ingenious script by Charlie Kaufman
03/01/04 Touching the Void 8 Maybe my life is boring, but it's at least not as painful.
02/28/04 The Battle of Algiers 9 Disturbingly up-to-date.
02/25/04 Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour 8 My life is so boring...
02/14/04 Monster 7 Quite shocking, not much fun to watch. Great performance by Charlize Theron indeed.
02/07/04 The Dreamers 9 Pure cinema. And very sexy. My first NC17 movie I think. Lots of Unrated, though.
01/30/04 21 grams 8 Intense
01/23/04 The Company 5 AWOL: The plot. Dancing was ok, except the last one.
01/17/04 Big Fish 9 Full of creativity and imagination
01/16/04 Love actually 8 Ok, it's hard to buy some stories, but I liked it nevertheless
01/03/04 The Matrix Revolutions: The IMAX Experience 8 Story had to be explained to me - so much for the screenplay. And too much babbling again. The battle in the dock had great effects - especially the Sentinels as a swarm of insects. And the first time I've seen BattleMechs in a movie, although the idea is quite old. I've read about them 15 years ago (well, it was some sort of computer geek periodical).
And the first letter-box IMAX I've seen. So I was sitting too far in the back.
01/03/04 Les Triplettes de Belleville 9 Hilarious! Great American-bashing, French-bashing, cycling-bashing, LMAO! Little slow sometimes.
12/31/03 Paycheck 8 I didn't expect too much, so I was not disappointed. Of course the story is very thin, but good action and gorgeous Uma.
12/25/03 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King 8 Effects are great. But the screenplay? I think I'm a purist. I don't like changes from the book. Especially when they seem random like here. And Gimli as a clown is also very questionable (was worse in TTT though). The book is much better.
12/24/03 Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World 8 Ok
11/22/03 Gothika 7 Not very convincing. But Halle Berry and Penélope Cruz in the shower together! That's worth 2 points up.
11/09/03 Die, Mommie, die 9 I like this over-the-top acting
11/08/03 Lost in Translation 8 Not bad...
11/01/03 Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election 9 I hope this picture gets more attention than the other publication about the election fraud. Unbelievable that the Bushies got away with this. Oh yeah, I bought the DVD, so whoever wants to borrow it...
10/26/03 Rolling Stones: Live at the Max (IMAX) 9 Total satisfaction.
10/26/03 Space Station 3D (IMAX) 7 Great pictures, dumb off narration. "We shall all work together to live in peace". Sponsor: Lockheed Martin.
10/22/03 I Capture the Castle 6 I wish I captured some meaning.
10/19/03 Fanfan La Tulipe 8 Second Singapore. Decent entertainment (with Penélope Cruz! So the rating goes up one point)
10/19/03 Good Bye, Lenin! 9 At last I could see this acclaimed German movie, thanks to Singapore Airlines' nice entertainment system (also in coach class).
10/18/03 Mystic River 8 Takes place in East Boston. Quite good.
10/15/03 Sex and Zen 6 Couldn't see the connection between Sex and Zen prior the movie, and afterwards neither. Well, at least some funny scenes.
10/10/03 Kill Bill Vol. 1 8 The "worst" (better: least good) Tarantino so far. Of course it's still good, especially Uma. The story is too simple and the fights are not that outstanding (at least for Yuen Woo-Ping).
10/08/03 Prodigal Son 8 Found another theater: Allston Cinema Underground. They have a 'Kung Fu Mania - Wednesday night Ass-Kickings' series there. Prodigal Son (HK 1983) has some nice fights but is quite bloody and brutal (I think I've never seen the breaking of arms in a kung-fu film before).
10/05/03 Secondhand Lions 7 Couldn't relate to some emotional outbursts.
10/04/03 School of Rock 9 Richard Linklater goes Hollywood, in a successful way.
09/27/03 11'9"01 - September 11 6 Didn't like most of the episodes. Ken Loach's was the best one, I think.
09/26/03 Spellbound 9 Long I hesitated before I decided to watch this documentary about the national spelling bee contest with 9 million participants. Was better than I thought, though
09/19/03 The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly 8 Gosh, it's been a while since I saw a movie theater from the inside... So I had to warm up with a classic
08/25/03 American Splendor 9
08/09/03 Buffalo Soldiers 7 Shot in my home state (Baden-Württemberg)
08/02/03 Swimming Pool 8 Appropriate film right after swim practice :)
08/01/03 The Italian Job 7 Decent gangster flick.
07/23/03 Kira 7 My only visit to the Filmkreis this year. Reminded me too much of Open Hearts
07/18/03 Agent Cody Banks 4 Couldn't sleep on the flight to Frankfurt because of three toddlers around me. So I watched the movie. Quite bad. Even though I like Frankie Muniz of Malcolm in the Middle.
07/05/03 The Hulk 8 A little too slow. But the split screens are cool.
07/04/03 Terminator 3 - Rise of the Machines 7 The scene with the sunglasses alone is worth the admission.
06/22/03 Finding Nemo 7 Nice, but not as good as Monsters, Inc.
06/21/03 L'Auberge espagnole 10 Funniest interpretation of "No woman no cry" ever!
Why didn't I try to get on Erasmus? Stupid me. (Well, our department didn't take part in the exchange program, but with some more hassle, it would have been possible)
06/16/03 Raising Victor Vargas 8 Another coming-of-ager, but well done.
06/01/03 Blue Car 7 Sometimes I just wanted to slap the main actors.
05/28/03 Power & Terror: Noam Chomsky in Our Times 9 Noam for president!
05/28/03 The Trials of Henry Kissinger 9 Henry, face the accusations!
05/25/03 Fellinis Roma 8 Nice, but a little too long.
05/24/03 Bruce Almighty 5 If you know the preview, don't watch it. All funny scenes are in there, the boring and annoying things have been kept back for the movie.
05/24/03 The Dancer Upstairs 7 I've seen better Latin-American revolution movies.
05/21/03 All the Real Girls 10 Had to watch it again... "I had a dream last night that you grew a garden on a trampoline and I was happy that I invented peanut butter." "Actually it's raining quite hard... Must be the precipitation."
05/21/03 The Safety of Objects 8
05/16/03 The Matrix 9 Had to watch the original again to get rid of the bad memories of Reloaded
05/16/03 Confidence 6 Yard ware
05/14/03 The Matrix Reloaded 5 Hehe, saw that one even before Cannes... But pretty disappointing. Tip: Stay to the very end, then you finally understand the meaning of the word trailer.
05/10/03 Divine Intervention 7 Some neat scenes. As a whole not consistent enough.
05/07/03 The Man Without a Past 10 Yeah! Aki, we love you!
04/21/03 The Hours 8
04/20/03 Morvern Callar 5 I looked forward to this film by Lynne Ramsay (Ratcatcher). But I think I didn't get it (again). The Scottish language is still a mystery to me, but that wasn't the only reason.
04/11/03 Cirque Du Soleil - Journey of Man 7 IMAX. Great pictures, great acrobatics, stupid story.
04/05/03 Irréversible 6 Repellent violence, thus not promoting it. Story not too convincing. Titles are impressive.
04/02/03 Old School 7 Acceptable no-brainer.
03/30/03 Nowhere in Africa 7 Caroline Link at last got her Oscar she deserved - but for Beyond Silence, not this one.
03/29/03 Laurel Canyon 5 I expected something like Stealing Beauty, well, it's not. Pretty phony. Kate of course eye candy.
03/24/03 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 2 Sitting in an airplane, not sleepy, not feeling like reading, breaking my brazen principle not to watch Harry Potter (didn't harm anyone though, I didn't pay for theater admission nor DVD rental, head phones were free). Hardly imaginable, it was even worse than I figured. Don't watch it, read the book!
03/19/03 Chicago 7 English with Polish subtitles ;) Several neat ideas.
03/08/03 Russian Ark 3 Editor's nightmare: 96mins, one take. Not bad for a movie with 2000 actors... But either I completely missed it or the director was making fun of the audience. So much nonsense talk, I had the impression that 8-year olds are trying to play theater.
03/08/03 Lost in La Mancha 8 The odds of filmmaking...
03/07/03 Open Hearts 6 Another Danish dogme. Pretty surprisingless until the end.
03/03/03 All the Real Girls 10 *sigh* - too good to be true.
03/01/03 Rabbit-Proof Fence 8 What I didn't know: Also directed by Phillip Noyce, as The Quiet American.
02/28/03 The Quiet American 8  
02/26/03 No Man's Land 9 Free admission with director present, can it be any better? Praise to Harvard Film Archive. 62 prizes for this film are no surprise.
02/08/03 El Crimen del Padre Amaro 6 Gorgeous leading actress saves much. In other respects nothing special.
02/04/03 The Pianist 7  
02/01/03 Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Animation Film Festival 8 Truly sick and twisted. Breaks every single taboo and is the total opposite of politically correct. Fun!
01/19/03 Narc 6 Phew, that violence makes me sick
01/18/03 Under the Stars (Kato Apo Ta Asteria) 5 Pretty poor in my opinion, technically, stagecrafty. Uninspired.
01/17/03 Gangs of New York 6 From a technical standpoint perfect, but the story... Furthermore too bloody.
01/15/03 Sex and Lucia 10 I've seen it already in Germany, but (a) it's fantastic (b) it was German dubbed (here Spanish with subtitles) (c) I wanted to see if the Americans cut out the delicate scenes (I think they didn't, even though there is allegedly an edited version).
01/10/03 Catch Me If You Can 8 Who resurrected Saul Bass for the titles?
01/03/03 Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones (IMAX-version) 9 Wow, what sound. Some takes were shot in IMAX, but not all, and you can see that clearly. But what the heck, important scenes are in IMAX and ... the sound ...
Some scenes are edited (at least including one with freakin' Jar Jar Binks)
01/01/03 My Big Fat Greek Wedding 7 Nice little indie, some scenes not very credible, but ok. Nevertheless I would've preferred to watch The Trials of Henry Kissinger, but I didn't find the theater at Kendall Square. So I went to another one. And the next day it wasn't showing anymore at Kendall or anywhere in Boston :-(
12/29/02 The Sound of Music (TV) 6 At last I could see this classic...
12/29/02 Ocean's Oasis (IMAX) 5 Average IMAX-Nature doc
12/28/02 Casablanca 10 I've not seen it in English until today - shame on me!
"What watch?" - "Ten watch." - "Such much?"
12/25/02 About Schmidt 9 New! A reserved Jack Nicholson.
12/24/02 Comedian 8 Boss sent us home at 2pm. What to do? Cinema!
Jerry Seinfeld's return to stand-up. Funny and elucidating.
12/22/02 It's a Wonderful Life (1946) 8 What a Christmas classic!
12/21/02 Adaptation 7 The preview was better. And Being John Malkovich anyway.
12/20/02 Star Trek: Nemesis 4  
12/18/02 Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers 8 Great, of course. What I didn't like: The sentiment in Helm's Deep and the jokes.
12/14/02 Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer (DVD) 8 One more Christmas classic I missed so far
12/01/02 Die Another Day 6 Average Bond.
11/21/02 Punch-Drunk Love 9 The complete contrary of a surprisingless movie. I didn't know that Adam Sandler can actually do some acting.
11/17/02 Far from Heaven 6 Who said this would be the best film of the year?
11/16/02 Spirited Away 9 Worthy successor of Princess Mononoke
11/10/02 Bowling for Columbine 9 Mike rules! First film I've seen since I arrived a week ago. Not much more and I would've taken the next plane back...