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Sodele (that's Swabian), now to the last few days in the US:

As mentioned before, I moved down the street, new roommate called Glenn (first American roommate in 2.5 years after Chinese, Ukrainian, Kenyan, German, Kazakh, and Caribbean in the U.S. for me...). But the fun didn't last long, soon after the move I was asked by my boss to quit and work for a German company in Leipzig. They (both companies) agreed that Wige, the German company is doing Short Track for the Olympics this time, i.e. Torino 2006. Lynx was subcontractor to Wige in Salt Lake. So, together with the project, I as the "expert" was transferred, too. I was not too unhappy since I was thinking of going back to Germany anyway, just not so soon. Well, now I even have a job. And Leipzig is nice, I've heard. I was lucky with a room, the roommate of a former classmate of mine moved out, so I could take over and didn't have get known to Liepzig bridges. Flight back was 7/18, 7pm, from Boston Logan Airport. </American Adventure>