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No, I didn't write this on 6/31 either. Well, second quarter of 2004:

Victor moved in with his girlfriend, Love with her boyfriend, so only two were left at my place (Alex's place to be correct, I'm only tenant).

TriFury organized a Total Immersion-style swim course with Bill Steele of Breakwater Sports Training for members in which I participated to finally learn a proper swim technique. Well, my legs still keep sinking like lead, don't know what to do. TriFury is a part of the Merrimack Valley Striders, a running club, and the track sessions started end of April. Since I like track workouts, I signed up, too. The first race in the new triathlon season: A duathlon in Wrentham, 3mi-11mi-2mi. A solid start for me, 37th overall, 10th in my age group. Then Hyannis Sprint I, not so well, and as fine-tuning for Lake Placid, the Tinman Tupper Lake (Half). Theo, a good friend from Rochester, NY invited me to stay at the campsite he had reserved. At the race the next day I forgot my chip at the campsite so we had to go back and barely made it to the start. I still feel bad about it. What a shame, shouldn't happen at one's 8th triathlon. Fortunately, Theo was not distracted and placed 8th overall, 2nd in his age group (!!!). I was 191st overall, no clue about the age group.

Then, Alex lost his job and planned to sell the house and move to Miami. So I looked for another apartment and found one just down the street. Move was after 6/31, so read on...