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Ok, I admit, I didn't write this on 3/31. Just to account for the first quarter of 2004. Well, and of course the last days of 2003. 'Cause much more happened then. First, our boss announced the move of the company to Haverhill which would take place late January. So I moved there (too far to commute) and also bought a car because public transportation there is worthy of improvement.

I moved into a Hispanic neighborhood near downtown Haverhill, close to the commuter rail to Boston. My three roommates (Love, Alex, Victor) are from the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. I resolved to learn Spanish, but never got started.

New Year's Eve I ran the Somerville Last Night 5k as the year before and did pretty well. So I was quite optimistic for the Phoenix Rock'n'Roll marathon (even though a marathon is not comparable to a 5k, of course...), my second try to qualify for Boston. Joanne, a good friend from swimming, was running, too. Her parents are living in Phoenix and she and her boyfriend Marc (now fiancee) were there three weeks in advance. I could also sleep at her parents place. Thanks again! The day before we climbed Camel Rock, a great way to spoil the legs before a marathon! But the view was great. At the marathon I made it to mile 19 at target pace, but then exploded and jogged to the finish. Well, maybe Boston 2005. Joanne did very well in her first marathon.

I joined a different Masters swimming group, the ANA Masters at the Merrimack Valley YMCA, and a triathlon team, TriFury. So I thought I was prepared for the triathlon season...