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In a few hours, I'll fly to Korea, and I thought, maybe, if I stay up all night, then I can avoid the Jet Lag (being so tired on the plane that I sleep all the way). Let's see how it works out. Anyway, this way I have all night to update my site. Well, with the pictures I didn't manage to do a lot of progress, only made it to August.

Early in September, a good friend visited me. First, he stayed a week in Boston to boulder, then went to Rumney, NH, again to boulder and climb. Then he hiked the Appalachian Trail for four weeks (I went with him over Columbus Day weekend) and came back to Boston for a week before he went home. Here is his site.

In between, my parents visited. So a lot of traffic going thru here... We had a great time touring the Boston sights. Then they went on a trip around New England (they have enough time since they retired this year).

Just before they came back to Boston my godfather Hans (my father's brother) died. So we had a sad reunion and I went on a short trip to Germany. Just two days because I didn't have more vacation left.

So as mentioned before, I'm now going to Korea, then China, again to work at Short Track World Cups. I've never been to Asia before, so it's about time...

Oh yes, and I found a possibility for cross-training for triathlon which is really fun: Punk Rock Aerobics