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Oh my, again so much time passed... So just short updates.

The Olympic Distance triathlon in July went very well. I was 5th out of 39 in my age group! So I was quite optimistic for the Half Ironman, but could not live up to the expectations. I missed the 5h barrier (5:13) and was 23rd out of 60 (age group). Maybe it was because of my visit to Germany with soreness after the soccer tournament and lots of beer. Who knows.

After the Half Ironman I think I didn't rest enough and never got back into training for the marathon. It was quite clear that I would not qualify for Boston, but I could not resist to try. Well, I broke down at mile 15, struggling my way to finish. At least I made it. And with 3:30 not so bad of a time.

At work we have a new manager of engineering (and operations), so work is definitely more structured from now on. Should be good though.

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