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Greetings to all ye faithful who are still reading my reports. For sure you have already found the pictures I placed here on this website. They are taken with my new digicam (except for the last one). I hope I won't lose the camera again...

Lastly I set two goals for my athletic life this year: 1. to qualify for the Boston Marathon next year (run a marathon, probably Clarence DeMar end of September, faster than 3h10) and 2. to do well in a Half Ironman. So I'm training diligently. Oh yes, and I got a nice triathlon bike, so there is no excuse for not doing well :-| However, after riding a few times in Boston, I really hated it. Traffic is bad and the streets are in even worse shape. So I decided to bring the bike to the office in Woburn and leave it there. So I can also ride workdays, but also come to the office on weekends sometimes. Streets and traffic are much better (even though not as good as in the Odenwald or the Löwensteiner Berge back home).

Talking about traffic: As in London, no pedestrian waits here for the Walk light. Must be an anglo-saxon thing. Once I was even honked at because I was waiting at a Don't Walk light. At intersections, often all four pedestrian lights are green. So no cars can go. Strange. And speaking of cars: Although you might know that I don't like cars very much, my favorite radio show is Car Talk on NPR. It is hilarious. I especially remember one feature I listened to in Salt Lake City at that time: First Date Car Cleaning Etiquette (RealAudio).

I got one more:
Not long ago, I self-checked out at a supermarket: Scanned the items myself and paid at the cash machine. Future, I see you arriving...