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Aaargh! Winter, go away! You suck! Don't you think that the snow/sleet/rain yesterday and today should be a long-time good-bye?

So far as the weather is concerned...

Last week I've been to an anti-war rally at the Boston Common (park in the center of the city) with a following march and "die-in". It's good to see that not all Americans are supportive of this war. There were also some pro-war people who didn't seem too bright ("did you folks forget 9/11?"). Many posters were very creative and funny to read. Some I found inappropriate.

And a minor point: I found out that I live near the Gillette World Shavings Headquarter. It's located in South Boston, Bus #9 drives by it on the way downtown. And I ignoramus use a Philips Shaver... That's all, folks!