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Ooops, it's been a little while since my last report... Happy New Year to all of you ;)

Since there happened quite a bit I will condense the following. First of all, I quit the Boston Athletic Club (even though I met there a Swabian Lady...) and joined the Masters Swimmers of the YMCA. Much more fun to work out in a practice group than to do it alone and nice to meet people this way. Furthermore, the YMCA (not to confuse with the CVJM in Germany, here it is more like a health club) is much more diverse as the Boston Athletic Club where there were only white people.

At work, I was allowed to be part of the team at some Short Track competitions, in my beloved Salt Lake City, Chicoutimi (Quebec), Sofia, and Warsaw. It was good to leave the office for a while and see some other parts of the world. Especially nice was it to get back to Salt Lake City, meet friends, and go skiing (for the first time since 10 years!). Chicoutimi was the coldest spot I've ever been. Down to -35C, with windchill -52C. The only time outside we spent running from the hotel to the car and from the car to the ice rink. But once I tried to run - and got a freezeburn on my nose. The first spring feelings this year I experienced in Sofia - warm at last. Bulgaria seems like a mixture between Eastern bloc and Greece.

Ok, that were the most important changes - I hope I can go more into details soon. Stay tuned...