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Well, well, well, so you still have not enough of my humble writings. Enjoy the second one:

Last time I forgot my third roommate: Sonny, an eldery collie-lady. Probably the laziest dog I've ever seen: Most of the day she's lying on one of the three sofas in the living room. But quite well behaved, no annoying barking or so and always enjoying a stroke or two (or three).

Since about two weeks, it's winter in Boston. Approx. four inches of snow and temperatures around the freezing point. Except last Thursday: 16°F plus strong wind that the felt temperature was 7°F. When I arrived at work, my face was almost frozen.

At work, it looks like as I'm not traveling as I expected I would. Right now, I'm focussing on a different project. That is, as my boss calls it, turning my thesis into a good product. Let's see what he says when the first version is ready.

Over Thanksgiving, I've visited my old friend Dieterich Schnaufer and his wife Gael in Rochester, NY. My first real Thanksgiving with Turkey and all. But it was too short, so we decided I will come back over Christmas.

Just after that I had my first visitor from Germany: Michael Stettin who stopped over in Boston on his business trip to Detroit. Thanks to him I now also know the Boston Trolley Tours and some pubs in South Boston.

That's all, folks! (for today)