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Ok, so you have decided to read about my adventures in the U.S. - here you go:
(No, I will not translate this into German, even though it's bad English, but hey - bad English is the world language, not English as many people think)

Since I have already been to Boston several times before and have also worked for the company (Lynx) I now work for, the arrival here on November 5th and the first day of work was not really a big deal. Except that I didn't know where I was going to live. Well, I did know the address, but not the people nor the place. I found it by searching an Internet roommate service. My new roommates turned out to be really nice: Boris, the landlord, a Kazakh immigrant (fled from the Soviet Union in the mid-80s), always wants to borrow me his bicycle (but I think I'm getting lazy - no more hardcore cycling). And Marlena, his mother, who followed after the disintegration of the communist block, is often cooking good stuff to which I'm always invited.

The place is also nice - my room is quite big (13' x 13'), has all furniture I need (desk, bed, chair, walk-in closet), not too expensive, and squirrels in the garden. South Boston is not the richest community, but it could be worse. People say it's not as rough as a decade ago. There are many Irish and Italian immigrants. Each block on Broadway contains at least one pub and one pizzeria. Plus, there are three beaches within two miles. Can't wait for summer time.

But this comfortable shelter is at risk - the company is supposed to move. Nobody knows yet when and where, but it will be probably farther away from Boston. I don't know if I will still be able to commute in reasonable time. Right now it's 90 minutes by bus, subway, and commuter rail. That's ok, because I can read on the trip (just finished The Catcher In The Rye). And on the way back, a co-worker can give me a ride sometimes.

Thanks for staying with me so long! You will be rewarded with the next piece of writing in about 1-2 weeks.